11 December 2006

Taking public input

Arliss Sturgulewski writes Sarah Palin a letter of advice in the ADN and includes this head-scratcher of a sentence:

You displayed excellent communication skills during the campaign.

Well, sort of, I mean, I guess so. But what do you call it when you tell audiences what they want to hear and not what you believe? Or when you dodge questions in debates? Or can't provide decent answers in candidates' forums?

I was impressed by the Palin campaign but not by its communication skills. I was impressed that they were able to seize on an anti-incumbent, throw-the-bums-out mentality, even though Palin is a hard and fast Republican who was a part (sort of) of the incumbent's administration.

I noticed when I interacted with Sarah during the campaign that she can be long on image and short on actual specifics. I would hope she doesn't let this bit about "Alaska - the coldest state with the hottest governor" go to her head and start telling us about policy details.

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