09 December 2006

Stand by your man

I don't mean to nitpick with a woman whose husband has just been arrested, particularly a woman who finds herself in the same line of work that got her husband arrested but...

Consider this:

"The allegations against Tom involve alleged conduct that occurred before we were married. I am not and have not been a target of any investigation and I maintain a firm belief in my husband's innocence and request that the public withhold judgment until the judicial process has run its course."

First of all, as has been oft noted, it is at the very least entertaining (and also revealing) that Lesil McGuire decides to spend one of three paragraphs of her statement exculpating herself.

But secondly, as a bit of a writer myself, could someone please tell her that using the words "allegations" and "alleged" in the same sentence just doesn't make sense and smacks of hurried and unthinking writing. How about, "The charges against Tom involve alleged conduct..." It's an easy switch and makes it a lot easier on the ears and eyes.

How about this for a turnaround - on election day, McGuire was all set to join a Republican majority, no doubt with her eye on some sort of plum post, with a husband ready to support her at home. In just a month, she's become a member of the majority and had her husband indicted. But my guess is that she'll stay in the senate and will not resign. She's young enough to be able to sit in the corner and lick her wounds now and re-emerge triumphant in a few years.

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Anonymous said...

Well, she can't do like all the other politicians and claim she knows him slightly and always had her suspicions; she is literally in bed with the guy.
He on the other hand, has me a tad worried. As one growing up as son to the Top Cop in Alaska, it would seem that he felt he was above the law. One keeps seeing in print how the other legislators keep saying this doesn’t surprise them.
If this is the case, why weren’t the legislators the ones coming forward to contact the FBI in this matter to begin with? It is disappointing. With so much hand-wringing and peter pointing, no legislator had the chutzpah to take the initiative to contact the proper authority to deal with this issue.