11 December 2006

In the public glare

I'm not a lawyer and I don't have any inner knowledge of the workings of the Tom Anderson case but I was just thinking it would be ideal if the case went to trial early next year so that it can be front-and-center during the legislative session.

Not only would that provide some added pressure for a serious look at ethics reform and the role of money in government, it would hopefully bring added scrutiny to the legislative session. And all the lawmakers would be available for comment on the matter so that their constituents know just where they stand. I often find that once a legislative session ends, the lawmakers scatter back to their respective constituencies and are very difficult to get a hold of unless you happen to have their cell phone or home phone number. But when they're locked into Juneau doing the people's business, they can't escape the inquiring gaze of the media.

Here's hoping Anderson does not waive his right to a speedy trial.


Anonymous said...

I’m not a politician but I play one on the World Wide Web. He will waive a speedy trial as it will accomplish two things: give him time for daddy to raise money and time to get on his knees to pray that more serious allegations will come from the FBI against his cronies. His wife calling him a low hanging fruit has me in stitches, but I digress.
I’m looking around at the regional legislators we have in my home district. If I were a dirty legislator, I would run off to Anchorage under any pretext. Being put on a jet, in handcuffs by the FBI and being flown to Anchorage besides my constituents might not look too good come my re-election time. It will be interesting to see just who is in Anchorage this week.

Anonymous said...

When we came to Alaska in 1970 all their phone numbers were listed in the phone book, including the governor and lt. gov. (home numbers). I remember how amazed we were.