11 October 2006

Ballot Measure Two

In the face of continued revelations about the organization Alaska's Future, which is running ads opposing the gas reserves tax initiative, I am reminded of my previous advice to Eric Croft that the ads won't do any good. Now there's proof:

So far, however, the $1-million-plus ad campaign has not yet won over voters. A poll taken last weekend shows 46.6 percent of the electorate in favor of the initiative, while 39.4 percent oppose it and 13.9 percent are still unsure.
(Of course, KTUU doesn't give any information about who conducted the poll, how it was conducted, or what questions were asked so the results are of questionable use.)

Perhaps, as in the primary election, Alaskans will ignore the campaigns and make decisions based on the merits of the proposals. I am still not sure how I will vote.

On the whole though, these stories about Alaska's Future (and other similar groups) just make me wish for stricter and better campaign finance regulation.

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