26 August 2006

The Role of Money

As I noted earlier, one of the most surprising aspects of the recent primary election was that candidates and causes that spent the most money did not do so well.

To that end, why is Eric Croft complaining?

Sponsors of a proposed tax on natural gas reserves say they are determined to find out who is funding television ads against their ballot measure.

State Reps. Eric Croft and Harry Crawford say the recent ad by the non-profit group Alaska's Future crosses a line because it advocates voting against the $1 billion gas reserves tax. Croft and Crawford say that means the Alaska Public Offices Commission should require the group to disclose its contributors.
Just let them keep playing those ads, Eric. Sooner or later, Alaskans will evaluate the measure on its merit and it'll get the result it deserves. Or, at least, that's what last Tuesday's results would seem to indicate.

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