12 October 2006

Sarah-Speak III

This from Sarah Palin about rising crime in Anchorage:

“I certainly hope we're talking about civil liberties for the good guys, because those who are the gangsters, the thugs, the perps who are causing the problems, their civil liberties? Uh-uh!” said Palin (left).

Palin says stronger measures are required.

“I think there's a sense in society that you get a good enough attorney and you're going to get off. That's not right. I think we need a tougher judiciary. We do need tougher laws,” Palin said.

God forbid the equal protection under the law clause should apply to everyone rather than just our friends. If she can't extend equal protection under the law to folks in urban Alaska, what hope is there that she will do so for rural Alaskans who do not receive the same protection other Alaskans do? If we start giving the governor the power to decide to whom constitutional rights apply, where will it end?

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