12 July 2007


I was particularly intrigued by this National Guard-produced story on the Alaska Guardsmen serving in Kuwait. I liked the tag:

KYUK 640 AM/TV of Bethel, Alaska, and Wikipedia contributed to this report.
Hmmmm, if Wikipedia contributed to the report, how did they end up with this sentence?
Nunooruk, an Inupiaq from Nome, Alaska's northernmost town, said many Eskimos choose the National Guard for the educational opportunities, training and discipline.
"Alaska's northernmost town"? I don't see that in Nome's Wikipedia entry.

And have we really reached the point where Wikipedia is a legitimate source of news?

But the overall story is nice to read and get a reminder of all the people missing from Western Alaska right now.

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mpb said...

They are supposed to correct the error.

Or maybe the error was Bethel's?