12 July 2007


One of the great parts about living in small-town Alaska is seeing all the different hats people wear on a daily basis. So many people are involved in so many different activities and occupations because there are so few people to go around.

During the winter, we had a bit of a tussle in Nome over trapping in city limits. One or two trappers had (accidentally?) caught some dogs in their traps and dog-owners wanted trapping banned in city limits. Mike Quinn was a prime spokesman for the trappers and he said the dogs should have been under better control and they were keeping down the fox population and the rabies that went with it.

So I was amused to read through the responses to the city's request for an animal control officer. There was the usual proposal from the existing animal control officer who met all the requirements of the city's description. Then there was one from Nome Animal Control Services, LLC, which said it would only take loose animals after work hours, not on weekends, and wouldn't operate the pound. The operator of Nome Animal Control? None other than Mike Quinn.

I wonder how he would get those loose animals?

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