29 June 2007

Check the Hit Counter

I want to take another opportunity to emphasize just how few people read this blog. At max, I get about 40 a day, more likely 20 to 30. (If you don't believe me, click on the hit counter at the very bottom of the right-hand column.)

Now, I am gratified for each and every visit and please, tell your friends. But let's be careful not to overrate my importance. I have none. Just because blogs have started showing up in mainstream media accounts and there are several powerful lower 48 political blogs, does not mean I am the same for Alaska. As much as I wish I were a mighty blogger, dispensing wisdom that all in authority scurry to obey, all blogs are not created equal.

I mention all this because of late I have received a few phone calls and e-mails that would seem to suggest otherwise. To which I can only say, please, don't overrate my significance; I certainly don't.

(None of this, of course, should stop you from visiting here.)


Ishmael said...

Dude, I'm thinking you should have a weekly blog round up on Alaska News Nightly. Sort of APRN's version of ADN's Newsreader. Time for that moribund institution to enter the 21st web 2.0 century.

First Alakan Man said...

I’m grateful you are doing this Jesse. You ask questions and give perspectives that are relevant to us out here in the Bush Alaska. At times, painful, most times insightful, all the time pertinent. Dude you is a bush rat, just like me.

Coldfoot said...

I know I read your blog from the RSS feed on Bloglines. I only click over to your blog if I want to make a comment. I'm sure you have many more readers like me.

When you find more than a dozen blogs that you want to follow an RSS aggregator such as Bloglines is invaluable. The RSS aggregator notifies you of new content automatically.

I'm sure you have many more readers than your hit counter indicates.