28 June 2007

On Tenterhooks

Can't wait to see just what the governor is going to veto from the capital budget... and apparently we'll find out tomorrow.

I particularly like this line from Meghan Stapleton:

“The red pen is out, and it will be millions."
Will the governor reveal the "bias" towards the Valley she (accidentally) pledged during the campaign? Now that she is making some decisions will her popularity begin to fall? Will she uphold all those necessary rural Alaskan infrastructure projects and cut all that unnecessary artificial turf in Anchorage? Will Bert Stedman and Kevin Meyer be righteous in their indignation at the vetoes or will they just roll over and say, "Gee, I guess we spent too much."?

What happens to the money that is not spent on a vetoed project? Does it just get added to the surplus (to be spent by an over-eager Finance Committee next year)?

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