07 February 2007

Susan Butcher Day

Lawmakers look set to name the first Saturday in March Susan Butcher Day, in honour of the Iditarod champion who died last year.

I never met Susan Butcher but even reading about her accomplishments is impressive.

That being said, is this really the wisest course of action? Does anyone know who else has days named after them in Alaska? How about Ernest Gruening? His day was yesterday. What did you do about it? Probably the same thing as the rest of us - nothing.

The legislature last year made a Wednesday in September senior citizens day. Did you do anything for it? I didn't.

There's no doubt in my mind that senior citizens, Ernest Gruening, and even Susan Butcher have made significant contributions to Alaska and deserve to be honored. But does it make sense to name a day after them and then do absolutely nothing about it?

I've commented on the many time-wasting and other negative aspects of the politics of symbolism. Our lawmakers in Juneau appear to be willing to devote considerable time to making themselves look good by associating themselves with people who actually do things but don't always appear to be willing to spend the same amount of effort on the pressing issues facing the state.

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