08 February 2007

Public Access

Does anyone know, off the top of their head, how many press conferences/interviews/media availabilities Governor Palin has done since taking office? I remember a couple right off the bat that mostly dealt with appointing commissioners and then another carefully-structured one after the State of the State but I can't think of much else.

I ask because I'm trying to set up an interview with her when she comes to town for Iron Dog next week. I had thought they would love to do it but I am surprised at how much time it is taking. When Governor Murkowski was her, it was a lot easier. (He, of course, was running for re-election at the time.)

It's too bad, too, because there are so many great questions to ask like: How's progress coming on the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act? What do you think about the legislature's changes to the ethics bills? Where are you going to find 150-million dollars?

Instead, she seems to be keeping a fairly low profile. I assume she is working very hard behind the scenes and we can expect some important announcements soon.

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