19 February 2007

Alaska Gasline Requirement Act?

Governor Palin is finally making some substantive noises about that Alaska Gasline (sic.) Inducement Act she promised in the State of the State. Funny thing is, though, based on what she's said about it so far, you'd think it's the Alaska Gasline Requirement Act:

I have long promised Alaskans that the AGIA would accomplish four bedrock principles that protect Alaska’s long-term interests: (1) ensuring a project, (2) opening the North Slope basin to long term exploration and production, (3) creating jobs for Alaskans, and (4) ensuring gas for Alaskans. We built in requirements that any application must satisfy to compete for the right to the inducement package offered by the state, as we spell out how Alaska’s goals will be achieved through the AGIA.
The obvious question here is what are the inducements? Given that the Murkowski proposal fell apart over the inducements (locking in tax rates, etc.), you'd think the governor would want to put those on the table first to start discussion of them. But instead she's talking about the political popular and non-controversial requirements that almost no one can disagree with. But I can only really evaluate what I think about the requirements when I understand what is the state is giving up in return.

This is the problem with avoiding the media and making public statements through a weekly recorded briefing. We only hear what the administration wants us to hear and not what is actually important and relevant.

I hope they don't keep those inducements secret much longer. It's what will make this thing succeed or fail.

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