06 November 2006

(What) Is he thinking?

I am absolutely shocked that Don Young agreed to an 11th-hour "debate" with Diane Benson that was apparently broadcast live on Channel 2.

After taking the wise - though perhaps not democratic-friendly - tack of ignoring her for much of the fall and then only meeting her when she was lumped in with some of the other wingnuts running for the seat, I can't figure out why he chose to meet her the night before, when there is no opportunity for damage control should something go wrong.

Unfortunately, I did not see it and am disappointed by KTUU's dismal summary of the event but it smacks of arrogance mixed with uncertainty, confidence mixed with worry, and bravado mixed with confusion.

Is Don Young worried he might get voted out? After getting over 70-percent in the last few elections, is he really worried about losing or looking bad?

How low will his percentage go? Can Diane actually pull it out? THAT would overshadow the governor's race outcome real quickly.

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