06 November 2006

Does anyone else find it odd...

that the ADN declines to endorse a candidate in the race for U.S. House but then criticizes Don Young for a wide variety of lapses?

And just where does Rep. Young get most of his campaign and political action committee money? From out of state. Nothing illegal about it, and certainly Alaska could benefit from a high-profile elected official popular with Outside decision makers. But it seems that much of Rep. Young's Outside contributions come from recipients of his congressional favor.

Particularly when Don Young has already called you the "Anchorage Daily Screw" what does the ADN have to lose by endorsing Diane Benson? If they don't like Don Young, why not just tell us why (which they did) and then endorse Benson, even though they're convinced she'll lose. Perhaps they have some of the same reservations about her that I do.

I wonder how many Democrats there are out there who are kicking themselves for not running against Young. If the under-funded non-politician from Southeast can pull within 8 points of Young this cycle, imagine what a well-funded, credible politician like Hollis French could have done? Maybe not win, but certainly increase his or her name recognition and set him- or herself up for Young's retirement. Cycles like this one don't come along that often but that wasn't clear when the election cycle began.

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