01 September 2006

The Plot Thickens

I am relishing each and every development in the FBI's raid on legislative offices. Particularly this one, which set off a bit of soul-searching as to what words we would and would not say on air:

Among the items federal agents were searching for in Alaska legislative offices this week are hats or garments labeled “Corrupt Bastards Club” or “Corrupt Bastards Caucus,” according to the search warrant.
(We're saying it.)

It's still not quite clear to me how Donny Olson got mixed up in all this but it sure provides a great local angle. Donny called us this morning and released a statement, noting the obvious, namely that he has never voted with VECO or worked to support them. However, he has the potential to be Alaska's Richard Jefferson, the Democratic congressman who got nailed for the "cold cash" he took and thus prevented the Democrats from capitalizing as fully as they could have on the Abramoff issue.

I though this was a great picture in ADN

Where does this all stop? How many more raids are coming? Is the governor's office next? Ted Stevens, perhaps? What, exactly is being investigated, anyway?

Between the March oil spill, the Prudhoe Bay shutdown, the Exxon re-opener, and now this, is the relationship between oil (and oil companies) and the government of Alaska undergoing a dramatic shift? Is this the end of an era?

I also think that lawmakers are going to be wanting to stay low for a little while (too bad it's a campaign season). So I'm pretty sure the 3rd special session is dead in the water, which renders my earlier question moot.

An Alaskan Abroad has some excellent grist for the rumour mill.

So many tantalizing possibilities and unknown futures...

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