30 August 2006

The Chosen Few

So let's say the Republican leadership is sufficiently enticed by Governor Murkowski's offer of a role at the negotiating table with the producers, are looking over their shoulder at an AGPA-fueled Palin candidacy, and just generally want to put the whole natural gas pipeline deal behind them. I want to know who the Republicans are going to pick to represent the state legislature at the negotiating table.

My picks for the Senate.

-Ralph Seekins because he chairs the Special Committee on Natural Gas Development;
-Gene Therriault because he's been the go-to guy on the oil tax

The House side is a bit murkier. Ralph Samuels or Kevin Meyer, maybe, but aren't they both employed by the producers? I don't think either John Harris or John Coghill are the kinds of leaders who want to get into the nitty-gritty. Jay Ramras would love it and he's got some claim as co-chair of the Resources committee. There are others that are slipping my mind, I'm sure, at this hour.

This assumes, of course, the Republicans shut out the Democrats (not necessarily a certain assumption) and that the leadership doesn't overload the negotiating team with a whole lot of players.

Any other thoughts?

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