10 July 2007

Timing is Everything

The governor - displaying an impeccable sense of timing - signs the ethics legislation on the same day Tom Anderson is convicted.

John Bitney resigns just before the ethics legislation becomes law. Under its conditions, he would have had to take two years off before getting a private-sector lobbying job. Now, I presume, he is not bound by that. The revolving door takes one last swing.

(How come only APRN reported the Bitney bit?)

UPDATE: The AP picked up the story on Bitney's resignation but, of course, did not mention the timing issue. Nor, I think, did the two-year rule merit a mention in AP's coverage of the ethics bill signing. I have no problem giving people the benefit of the doubt, which I will gladly do for Bitney, but I think the media has an obligation in this situation to point out the context of the resignation.

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