29 July 2007

Moving On

It is no secret to anyone in Nome but I realize I have not mentioned to this audience some important news: I am moving to South Africa and will be leaving Nome this Wednesday.

There's so much I will miss about Alaska and Nome in particular. But I'll also miss the give-and-take that has occurred on this blog and the connections I've made with people beyond Nome through it. The internet is a powerful medium and I feel I have been able to take advantage of it in some small way through my postings here.

There are a number of great Alaskan bloggers on the web and I don't think I'll be missed much. My only parting advice is this: a) don't be afraid to write what you think - it's more interesting and b) post regularly - that is what makes people keep coming back.

If you're interested in what I'm up to in South Africa, check out my new blog, http://mthathamission.blogspot.com.


Ishmael said...

To be honest Jesse, a contact of mine said you were leaving, but I refused to believe it. I guess you missionary types go where you're needed. Good luck. I'll be linking to your new blog, because even if you're not talking about Alaska, you'll have something important to say.



First Alaskan Man said...

Like Ishmael said brother, word.
I'm going to miss your relevancy to local matters as well as your insights as someone who sees things with new eyes.

CabinDweller said...

Good luck Jesse. I'd always hoped to pop in on you unannounced at KNOM (eventually) when I finally got back there for some decent fishing in the fall.