20 July 2007


I'll be out of town and away from Internet access (yes, such places still exist) until Tuesday so don't bother checking back until then. There's too much beautiful country around here not to take advantage of it.

While I'm gone, see how the state media covers (if at all), the deaths last night of two workers at the Rock Creek mine north of Nome. Troopers should have the report soon.

Given how controversial this mine has been locally, I imagine this will only add fuel to this fire.


CabinDweller said...

Smart man. When the weather is good out there, you can't waste it. You might not get another great day until next year.

The deaths at the mine were reported in the online version of the News Miner today, but no mention of who was killed.

Jim said...

Jesse, curious why you think these tragic deaths will "add fuel to this fire" in light that the controversy is more about environmental issues, i.e.: government permitting processes and some public distaste for cyanide mining. Or are you just journalistic-ally salting the story?

Anonymous said...

journalistic-ally salting the story? possibly. i haven't read the story but have been contacted about it. osha citation would fit the bill a bit more.

the troopers haven't posted anything yet. hope your doing well.