25 July 2007

Does this surprise anyone?

Does the news that Don Young is under federal investigation come as a surprise to anyone at all? It seems to me that he long ago stopped caring about what Alaskans wanted and opted to use his position as he saw fit.

A couple of questions:

  • Why is the Wall Street Journal, and not say, KTUU or the ADN or Alaska AP, breaking this story?
  • How does this tilt the mental scales that people like Ethan Berkowitz, Mark Begich, and others are considering as they weigh a run against Young?
  • Is there any Republican free of the taint of scandal who might consider challenging Young in the primary?
  • Will Young ever answer any questions from the media to address any of the issues raised by the investigation or will he continue to give Alaskans the middle finger, both figuratively and literally? The fact that his office cannot even be bothered to release a statement is a testimony to his tremendous disrespect for his constituents.

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