17 July 2007

Cosmetic Changes

I hadn't taken a close look at the web site of friendly neighborhood mining company NovaGold lately but I noticed some modest changes when I surfed over there this afternoon.

Nova is building the Rock Creek mine just north of Nome and the permitting process and the mine itself have been criticized by a vocal group (majority? minority?) in Nome for its putative lack of attention to environmental considerations. Some people in town have just said Nova wants to make a quick buck and get on out.

I was intrigued then at the new section of the web site, which explains what Nova means when they say their goal is to generate wealth. They're responsible miners don't you see and that means they want to build healthy communities as well as take the gold out of the ground.
More significantly, Nova has just hired a VP of Environment and Sustainability. She looks like she has a lot of experience but it's not clear from any information I've seen just what her job entails.

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