20 June 2007

If you don't like him...

...why did you vote for him?

A new poll shows Don Young is not too popular in the state. I still think any potential challenger has huge (dare I say insurmountable) hurdles to surmount in knocking off the C-Man for All AK but it is an interesting snapshot nonetheless.

But, really, given that Young got nearly 60-percent of the vote last November, couldn't people at least have the decency to stick by him when he gets in trouble? Because those of us who didn't vote for him, really wish that those of you who held your noses and voted for him had not.

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CabinDweller said...

The money?

Young, who generally can offer very little to voters as to what he's done other than bring back $$, always points to his seniority. His time in the Senate gives him that, at least.

Also, I really think that until the Democrats learn how to run an effective campaign in Alaska (perhaps ignoring the advice of the consultants who've done such a crap job so far) ... we're stuck with him.