02 June 2007


You might recall a few months KTUU gave fairly heavy coverage to the first hearing on the impeachment of Jim Hayes. Hayes resigned within two days.

I think the same is likely to be true of Vic Kohring, after the fairly lengthy piece on efforts to get him to resign. The resignation makes a fair degree of sense:

His trial is scheduled for October 22. So his choice at a special session coming just before that would be to rescue himself, thus depriving his constituents of representation or to participate, raising who knows what questions about votes he would take. The latter scenario in particular is one his colleagues don't want to see.
KTUU is a huge spotlight in this state and putting it on Kohring like this I think will likely lead to his resignation in the near future.

The fact that someone (Harris? Samuels?) tipped KTUU to the visit means someone else recognize the spotlight KTUU has and is seeking to put it to their advantage.

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