17 June 2007

Back in the saddle

Back in Alaska, in time to read the New York Times' treatment of Alaska's troubling future:

Now, as oil production continues its steady decline, and the temperature creeps higher, it is far from clear what the next big boom might be, or what Alaska might become without one. Nearing a half-century of statehood, the wildest and most mysterious of American places could use a reliable map to the future. Fog seems to be rolling in instead.
There's nothing new in here for a regular consumer of Alaskan news but I suppose the combination of a good-looking new governor and political arrests was too long for the Times to ignore for too long.

For those commenters displeased by my absence, let me just note that there are still places one can go in this world that don't have internet access and things one can do that make blogging - as rewarding as it is - pale in comparison.

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