04 May 2007

Who's Next?

Yikes! Just when I thought I should post about something not related to the legislature, this news comes across the wire:

Former Alaska state legislators Pete Kott and Bruce Weyhrauch have been indicted by a federal grand jury on several counts of extortion, bribery, wire fraud and mail fraud.
For Weyhrauch, this news falls into the "just when you thought it couldn't get worse..." category, given his recent rescue from Auke Bay. (As I heard one person say today, "Perhaps this is why they were looking for him so hard.")

So far the FBI appears to be rounding up the former lawmakers, who apparently thought they were getting out while the getting was still good. But given the FBI raids last August, there's got to be some folks still in Juneau under the microscope. I'm interested to know if they'll be arrested before the end of the session or after and if before just what impact that will have on the end of session fervour. My feeling is it will ensure the ethics bill gets passed right away and will only give added impetus to passing AGIA, given how closely associated it is with that paragon of virtue, the governor, and how it is seen as the anti-Murkowski.

But given how relatively tight-lipped the FBI has been about this case, I guess I'll just have to sit here with my questions but no answers.

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