30 May 2007

Which One?

Amid all the important questions concerning the re-authorization of the subsistence bowhead hunt, the allegations against Ted Stevens, the corruption investigation more generally, whether $50 is enough for a hamburger and so on, the more basic question occupying my time right now is when (not if) I become a major recording artist, which picture should grace the cover of my debut album?
Of course, now I need to learn to write a few songs.

1 comment:

First Alaskan Man said...

Sweet, sweet 6-04

How the hell was I supposed to know the room was wired with mikes on the floor?
I went to see you with empty pockets
Instead you put me into your legal dockets….

I'm just a Barnof boy, greedy and blue..

I'm not good at this Jesse, you might enlist Alaskan Abroad for the ode to greed.