14 May 2007

Still cold

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately - bright sun, blue skies, with a nary a cloud in sight. This naturally turns one's mind to thoughts of being outdoors.

This weekend seemed a particularly apt moment to wash the car after a winter's worth of dirt and mud had accumulated. The bright sun seemed to make it an ideal time. Of course, once I got out there and started in at it, I realized just how cold water can be and the foolishness of parking the car in the shade. I sped through that job much quicker than I had anticipated and still finished with frozen fingers.

Then on Sunday I decided it was a good time to read on the back porch or even play the guitar. So I headed outside and got comfortable, only to head back inside in about three minutes when I realized my hands were so cold they didn't have the dexterity to turn the pages.

I had thought that after two years in Nome I would be acclimatized to the cold (and maybe I am - not everyone's first thought when the mercury hits 25 is to wash the car). But every time I think I am, I realize just how much I am not.

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CabinDweller said...


It's not the winters that break newcomers to Nome. It's the summers.