18 May 2007

R.I.P. Good Ideas

The statistics for the legislative session are just astounding sometimes: 449 bills get introduced and only 66 pass both chambers. That's got to be disappointing for all those lawmakers who show up in Juneau with great ideas to change the state.

A couple bills that didn't make it through that I think deserved more consideration:

  • HB41 that would have moved the Habitat Division back to Fish and Game. This never even made it out of the Fisheries Committee. Even though it got a couple of public hearings, it would have been nice if people had been able to vote on it, rather than just let it expire slowly in committee.
  • HB80 that would have explored the feasibility of ferry service on the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers. I know this idea might not go anywhere because of the general malaise afflicting the ferry system and the necessary capital investment but I'd at least like people to keep talking about.
  • HB32 that would outlaw coin-toss runoffs. As much as I appreciated - from a reporter's perspective - last year's Edgmon/Moses showdown, I don't really think it's way the things should work.
  • SB112 that would waive the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases for one year. I don't quite know how I feel about this bill but it deserved a better fate than its ignominious demise in the Rules Committee. Think someone from the church got to John Cowdery?
There's always next session, I suppose, though remember that under the new 90-day session rules, any bill that doesn't make it out of its first committee of referral by the end of the first session is dead.

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