23 May 2007

Pork per lawmaker

In response to an earlier comment, I've found a document from the Legislative Finance Division to be moderately helpful in figuring out how much each district gets from the capital budget. You can access it here:


The problem with this document is that it lumps together all the districts in a city. So, for instance, the dozen-plus lawmakers in Anchorage can take credit for all the projects in that city even if they had little to do with it. I suppose it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how the money for, say, artificial turf on a high school football field got in there if you knew who represented that particular high school. But I'm not that familiar with Anchorage to pick all that out. You also can't really tell if a senator or a representative added the money unless you compare the Senate and House versions of the bill.

All I know is my own Richard Foster - as he so often does - brought home the bacon!

(But it's a horrendous document overall... with the exception of any project in District 39.)


June O'Douglas said...

What is your deal with the astroturf? Is it because you ran cross country? It's one field that is shared by all seven of the high schools in Anchorage, including when they host teams from other parts of the state, and it gets nasty and muddy when it starts snowing. Get over it. ;)

First Alaskan Man said...

Jessie, you are the man! Thank you.
Juneau Douglas sounds like she likes you on the turf. Must be your introduction about washing up in Nome. Surf 'n Turf is always a good thing.
Thanks bro

Anonymous said...

The big problem is that all the "earmarks" are probably needed, BUT we elect our representatives and senators to make the tough decisions as to which is needed most. Earmarking is the ultimate in passing the buck. I hope the gov has the guts to use up some of her political popularity to veto a big batch of these.
The Bookie