10 May 2007


Now that the Voice of the Times is leaving the ADN, what will take its place?

Mike Sexton is promising change:

As it concludes, I want you to know that we intend to introduce an invigorated Opinion section that not only continues to embrace the broadest range debate in Alaska but expands on that and incorporates new media opportunities as well.
Why the use of the word "invigorated" and not, say, "re-invigorated"? At least by using the latter, you can make it seem like the Opinion section is regaining some last stature. But with the former, it just seems to acknowledge the current lameness of the section overall.

I would like to see regular local columnists and by regular I mean folks who write about Alaskan issues once or twice a week. (And yes, I am volunteering.) Right now, the stable of columnists at the ADN appears to produce columns (sometimes only tangentially related to Alaska) only at random. And I'd like to see more submissions to the Compass section that aren't from activists or lawmakers.

In order for both of these ideas to work, the ADN is going to have shell out some cash. (Pay people for their well-written Compass pieces?) I know they might not like that idea but if they really want to "invigorate" their Opinion section, this would be a good start.

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First Alaskan Man said...

You are funny GI. Invigorated as in perhaps they will let folks write something that is contrary to their party line? I tried twice-I failed twice. I hope that doesn’t come across as bitter, I’m not. The opinion section is great as it is, it gives gentle though provoking pieces that Jack Handley would adore. I just wanted to write some meat with gristle on the bone and a heaping honkin’ side of potatoes. But now that I think on it, I was to the right of the VOT on the gasline issue. Of course, I’m not owned by VECO so I could say what I wanted. Good luck Jessie.