01 May 2007

An Argument for 90 Days

Even though I didn't support the 90-day voter initiative, I think this press release is a strong argument for it:

In response to the creation and sale of an action figure named "Rapist Number One" based on a movie character of the same name in the movie "Grindhouse," Representative Anna Fairclough (R-Anchorage) today introduced a resolution denouncing the doll and calling on Alaskans to recognize the consequences of rape.
It's remarkable that it never occurs to any of these representatives that using the platform provided by one's seat in the legislature can actually do more harm than good in a situation like this. Rep. Fairclough has brought this issue to the attention of quite a number of people who would never otherwise have heard about it (me, for instance). In return, she gets a fairly meaningless resolution (that takes committee and floor time to hear) that won't have any impact on the people this doll is targeting.

The important question is whether resolutions like these will fall out of the legislative process in a 90-day session or whether there will be an equal amount of them, leaving less time for more pressing matters.

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