17 April 2007

One by one

Governor Palin clearly has a strategy to minimize bad press: hire all the good reporters in Alaska.

At least, that's the conclusion I reached after reading this bit of news:

Governor Sarah Palin announced today the addition of long-time Alaskan, Larry Persily, to her Washington, D.C. office. Persily currently works as Editorial Page Editor at the Anchorage Daily News.
This announcement follows the previous news of Sam Bishop's departure from the staff of the News-Miner. Meghan Stapleton, the governor's press secretary, is also a former media type as well.

(When I spoke with candidate Palin in October, she mentioned something to the effect of "well, the folks at the Anchorage Daily News editorial page don't want to see me elected." Ah, irony.)

I, incidentally, am weighing an offer from the Palin administration myself...not.

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