11 April 2007

Alaska Newsreader

The ADN has a new feature called the Newsreader, which links to all sorts of Alaskan news all over the web. I like it - it seems like a reasonable addition to my morning rounds of Alaskan news.

(Although, I'm surprised the ADN would post some of what it does. For instance, what about this:

House tied in knot over assistance to seniors. The story of the day out of the Legislature is continued tension among lawmakers and Gov. Palin over whether to bring back the longevity bonus program (a campaign promise of hers) or whether to replace it with a needs-based assistance plan for seniors (pushed by many lawmakers). As AP and others report, the House spent part of the day arguing about it; eventually the assistance-program bill was yanked off the floor while the Senate passed its own version. Juneau Empire describes it as a win for House Democrats, who are trying to bring back the bonus. KTUU (with video) boils it down to this: “Should mere mention of the longevity bonus - not funding, but references to the program in state statutes - be allowed to stand?”
Doesn't this make it horribly clear that the ADN was absent in covering the major legislative story of the day? Every important statewide media organization had a story on the longevity bonus debate... except the ADN. And the Newsreader highlights that? Not to worry, the ADN's Juneau correspondent was busy writing an important story on wolves.)

I post about the Newsreader because they say they're willing to link to blog posts. I don't know if they read this blog but it would be neat if they linked to this post about the Newsreader.

Anything you can do, I can do meta.

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CabinDweller said...

Actually, Jesse, after I read one of the Newsreader's posts lamenting the lack of blogs from rural Alaska (to which I went, "Huh?") I sent a couple of links as suggestions, Nome Home included. Hulen needs to spend a little time following links from Alaska blogs - there are quite a number of blogs out there, in Nome, Kodiak, Homer, etc. I try to look around periodically to see what new Alaskan blogs have sprung up, beyond the usual, 'hey I just moved to Alaska and it's so strange/cold/uncultured here.' But I've found most through links at existing blogs.