26 March 2007

Stretching to the Bering Sea

The ADN has an interview today with Interior lawmaker Woodie Salmon. One of the themes of the interview is the trouble of representing a rural part of the state in a body dominated by urban representatives who don't know their problems or concerns.

This sentence caught my eye:

Salmon's region is larger than Texas and stretches from the Canadian border to the Bering Sea.
Actually, if you check out the map of the state's legislative districts, you'll see District 6 doesn't touch the Bering Sea. (Hence the reason Salmon is referred to as an "Interior" lawmaker.) Richard Foster and Mary Kapsner/Nelson have a lock on the ocean.

As I've said before, mistakes aren't helpful but everyone makes them so they're forgivable.

Ironically, however, this particular mistake confirms the theme of the story, which is that Anchorage folk are out of touch with rural Alaskans, so out of touch, in fact, they can't even get the geography of the region right.

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