01 March 2007

Budget / AGIA

I guess I was a little underwhelmed by the budget press conference today. All that work, all that effort, and they still feel short? Plus, events have overtaken them and the supplemental spending for this year appears to undo whatever savings they might realize next year. And I'm not really sure what exactly is being cut. "Efficiencies" seems to be the word of the day but that can hide a lot of pain.

The big news, of course, will be the Gasline Inducement Act on Friday. AGIA (I realize I may have been inadvertently referring to it as AIGA in previous posts) is being much-hyped, much more so than I expected. But I suppose after a first couple weeks of the term that were fairly quiet and ho-hum, they're going to want to build up to this as much as possible so they can prove they've actually been working, which I'm sure they have been, quite hard.

I look forward to AGIA with an open mind.

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