14 February 2007

Ducking the Issue

In a bold display of gubernatorial leadership, Sarah Palin has ducked - for now - the issue of where the Habitat Division should be in state government by hiding behind her newly-appointed commissioners:

Governor Sarah Palin announced that she concurs with the Commissioners of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and the Department of Natural Resources to leave the Office of Habitat Management and Permitting under the Department of Natural Resources, at this time.
I haven't seen the letter but I understand it says that the move should never have happened but that it would be too disruptive to move it back. It strikes me that that's a clever attempt to have it both ways. On the one hand, the governor can present herself as sufficiently green and environmental by noting the move was ill-advised. But she maintains the development-enhancing aspects of a weakened Habitat Division by leaving it where it is. Of course, she could honestly just need more time to evaluate the decision, in which case she should just say so flat out.

(By the way, what kind of action verb is "concur" for a press release? What governor wants to be known as the one who "concurred" with a decision. Governors should be "implementing," "appropriating," "enacting," "signing," and many others. "Concur" is a weak verb for a politician to use.)

Change requires disruption. This governor was elected on the promise of change, not on the promise of maintaining the status quo. If she believes moving the Division was in error, she should change that. If she just wants to avoid disruption, she needs to find a new job.

On another note, Governor Palin has declined my repeated attempts to interview her on her trip to Nome for Iron Dog. I can understand that (sort of) but the rumor is that she's actually in Nome. That, to me, just seems like she's ducking the media.


First Alaskan Man said...

My friend, this is why I admire SP: She appoints experts who made it their life work to be doing whatever she has since appointed them do. I keep in mind that the players were already doing the work before being appointed to head any particular division. Or at least in one instance, getting dismissed because they did what they think is in the best interest of the State, not the party. She can not be an expert on everything and to assume anyone is such is fallacy. Hire the best that have your mind set, regardless of party affiliation to get the job done. How many other governors can we name who have told the press that they can access the workers themselves to satisfy your curiosity? Now for “ducking” you; did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps Sarah is there to cheer her husband on? That this is about First Dude and she is being the supporting wife that we admire? Perhaps a constituent fare and trip to Juneau might get you the interview you would like. I see a wife supporting her husband, Governor or not, that is a good thing.
Now keep up that great writing my friend, it gets lonesome without you and Alaskan Abroad posting.

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