15 January 2007

Keep it

The ADN gets around to considering an issue I raised a while back:

What if Alaska cannot sell the state jet for as much as it still owes the bank on the 2005 lease? The highest bid so far has been about $2 million, but the state owes $2.5 million.

But maybe Alaskans would decide they don't want to pay $500,000 just to spite former Gov. Murkowski. In which case, they could tell the new governor to keep the plane, use it only for state trooper, prisoner transport and real emergencies, and not worry about it anymore.

The ADN's other possible "solution" - and I hope this is tongue-in-cheek - is to have Alaskans raise the funds to cover the difference, through bake sales, car washes, and the like.

Last time I checked, the government already has a good way of raising money from its citizens; it's called taxes.

Too bad there's no way to impose taxes on specific people. Then the state could just send Frank the bill.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Raffle it.... a guy recommended it in tonight's daily news. 30,0000 tickets for 100 bucks a piece... it's paid for with money left over to boot!