09 January 2007

An encapsulating quotation

I'm a bit late getting to this but... if there was ever a better summary of Frank Murkowski's term as governor than the one he has provided, I haven't found it:

"I think my critics failed to appreciate my style of management," said Murkowski. "I came in here to make a change, make a difference, not build consensus."
The problem with this philosophy, of course, is that consensus-building is a necessary first step to making "a change" and "a difference." When there are 60 other people (at least) who have a constitutional say in what you do, building consensus is absolutely critical. If that fails, everything else fails as well.

The Murkowski years in a nutshell.

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First Alaskan Man said...

Unfortunately for a lot of good people, critics notwithstanding, those who helped get him elected failed to recognize this same issue in FM. It’s funny when you look at his initials and Frequency Modulation is not what he could do. Once he made up his mind, to hell with the facts and he went on his merry way. Consequently, we have folks who will never be trusted in their judgment as they helped him get elected. Murkowskiomics will have a large part in shaping our future in rural Alaska.