28 December 2006


NPR calls Sarah Palin "a moose-burger-eating, snow-mobile-riding maverick."

So... in other words, she's Alaskan. The only notable part of that phrase is "maverick." It's kind of like describing the governor of Iowa as "corn-on-the-cob-eating and tractor-driving." It doesn't tell us anything particularly helpful or distinctive.

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megan said...

True that this isn't really a note-worthy description, but I guess I have to give NPR kudos for trying. Palin hasn't exactly done anything to distinguish herself in this first month in office. I guess that could be good or bad... Sometimes it's best not to shake things up right away, and perhaps she is more contemplative than I have given her credit for. So we play the wait and see game... not good fodder for politcal bloggers. :)