20 December 2006

The Expanding Coalition

Lesil McGuire is now part of the senate bipartisan coalition, a move that makes me wonder when it all will end. If everyone just keeps joining the thing, is it really a majority or is it just everybody sitting together and making decisions jointly? And isn't that the point of the senate anyway? And if these disaffected Republicans keep joining the majority, doesn't at some point it make sense for the Republicans to get together, keep Lyda Green as president, and just run a Republican majority? Would Lyda even allow for that or is she too interested in punishing Gary Wilkin and Gene Therriault?

And, it looks like McGuire is going to take the chairmanship of state affairs away from our very own Donny Olson.

UPDATE: The story actually gets better, if you read the News-Miner:

Before McGuire’s announcement Tuesday, Therriault said he was concerned the new coalition would give the minority only one spot on the finance committee and not let it choose which minority member would get it. In a letter to the new Senate president, Republican Sen. Lyda Green of Wasilla, Therriault, who was chosen as Senate minority leader, noted the legislative rule that entitled a six-member minority to two seats on a seven-member committee.

Therriault said he sent the letter electronically on Friday and that McGuire helped him draft it.

Wilken said he was surprised by McGuire’s decision, and he claimed she had been consistent in her support of Therriault, who was competing with Green to be Senate president.

Not only is McGuire involved in the drama of her husband facing a corruption trial, she's now involved in a backstabbing drama of her own in the senate. Her life just keeps getting more and more interesting! What's next? A Lifetime movie?

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