01 November 2006

What's he thinking?

I was shaking my head by the time I got to the end of KTUU's profile of Andrew Halcro:

At times during the campaign, Halcro has acknowledged that he's building a base for a second statewide run for office. But this week he's not ruling himself out, saying the last few weeks of candidate forums are showing Alaskans the differences among the candidates.

When pressed to choose among his opponents, Halcro said as much as it pains him, if he weren't running himself, he would support Knowles over Palin. He says Palin brings notes to the candidate forums, but there's nothing substantive in them.

Honestly, why would any candidate admit his current campaign is a stepping-stone for greater ambition? And when did he say he is looking at a second run for statewide office? I've never heard that.

And why even say you support Knowles? I would have declined to answer either question, saying, "I'm running for governor and that's my focus and I'm going to win this race." When you get a question you don't like, deny its premise.

Of course, his "endorsement" of Knowles could give some credence to my earlier theory.

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