03 November 2006


The Press' sympathetic profile of Andrew Halcro is quite good and got me thinking about the most amazing part of his campaign:

Halcro has also managed to earn respect across the Alaska political spectrum for his courage and his quixotic campaign. Almost everyone but Palin insiders concedes he's been a fresh voice in the gubernatorial debates and a welcome insurgent. Almost everyone, from Republican pollster Dave Dittman, to the Anchorage Daily News, which has endorsed Knowles, to the Voice of The Times, which seemed to swallow hard and then endorse Knowles, to Knowles's own running mate, Ethan Berkowitz, who has served with Halcro in the state House, says Halcro is well informed and should be heard. Of course, almost everyone says that and then, in the next breath, says he has almost no chance of being the state's next governor.
I interviewed Andrew Halcro is late March or early April. I spent a lot of time with him then, asking him a number of questions, not because I thought he had a chance at winning or was even viable but because it was a slow day and he was friendly enough to keep talking. When he left, I thought I'd never hear from him again.

But we shouldn't overlook the magnitude of his accomplishment. He's essentially self-run a campaign that has not only been respectable and non-embarrassing but he has several true Alaskans in Nome at any rate poised to vote for the pretty boy smart kid, which is not an easy accomplishment at all. He's injected several ideas into the debate. He has not, as far as I can tell, compromised his positions or his integrity. And he's raised his profile and made a lot of people think highly of him.

His "Think" slogan was right on. He is unrepentantly smart and has no shame about it. While he hasn't always handled that right, he has raised the level of the conversation and not even once been tempted by the folksy, common-man approach favoured by his competitors.

He may not win but I'd say Andrew Halcro has had a good 2006.


Anonymous said...

I have no issue with Mr. Halcro. Once a Republican, now an Independent. At least he moved slightly toward the middle..

Our local RRR (Resident Republican Ringleader), the dyed in the wool republican political appointee to a Federal Job with the office in the post office and the store owner with the 70% off ads...He is openly supporting Halcro of late. WHY, would a member of State Republican party, a delegate at State Republican Conventions, Chairman of the Local Republican Chapter, NOT endorse Sarah Palin??

She's a woman. Against their beliefs. Ask Arlis Sturglewski. Same thing happened to her as well.

On the State level, WHY has the Republican mucky mucks not come out in support of Sarah Palin? Remember, this is the candidate who literally swamped Murkowski and Binkley in the primary.

I remember seeing one of the primary debates, and both Murky and Binkley said they would support Palin if she won.

She has not been endorsed by either one to date. So much for party unity.

I like Sarah Palin, and I may vote for her Tuesday. Problem is, if the standing Republicans won't support her, is there any chance at all she can be successful as Governor?

Anonymous said...

Did you actually beloieve that the "VECO Times" would support Sara? Then you must also belive in the tooth fairy and Santa.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Jesse, noting your comment on ADN's campaign blog about how Andrew Halcros glasses were disconcerting to you when you interviewed him..

Not bashing here, but are they any more disconcerting than that gap in your front teeth?

Lets be a little realistic.