16 October 2006

Still attacking

Tony Knowles' negative attacks began on Friday (fulfilling, for me, every reporter's dream of having his work be the basis for an attack) and continued on Saturday with an attack on Palin's support of the National Guard:

During a campaign debate Thursday evening before the Retired Public Employees of Alaska and the Alaska Public Employees Association, Knowles detailed as much of his specific plan as time permitted. The former governor has released a specific plan to assist National Guardsmen and women and Veterans.

Republican Sarah Palin said “deployment exercises” should be attended or “just shaking these fellow’s hands, and these women’s hands, in the airport when you see them and thank them – we should do that."
(That comes from a press release from the Knowles campaign. Like the previous press releases I can't find these online.)

I don't particularly find this line of argument to be that compelling, since it's obvious to the most reasonable person that Sarah Palin believes in more than shaking hands. And... shaking hands (or other expressions of support) strikes me as a good way for "regular" Alaskans to support a bunch of men and women who are doing something the vast majority of us do not.

Plus, if the Knowles campaign's strategy was to get some press coverage, it appears to have failed thus far. And... their unauthorized (though apparently legal) use of our material just angered us at KNOM.

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