23 October 2006

Sarah-Speak IV

I've been re-listening to my Sarah Palin interview as I produce it for air and just wanted to share one nugget that I thought too precious to keep to myself.

When I asked her about rural energy costs and what could be done to lower the cost of living in Bush Alaska, she reached for her notes and started talking about fully funding Power Cost Equalization. The problem, of course, is that the interview was on Friday and on Thursday Governor Murkowski made the 183-million dollar deposit into PCE that the legislature appropriated during the session, fully funding, we were told, the program for the first time ever.

Now you can quibble with what "fully funding" means and, of course, say that there should be more funding. But I was struck by her outdated notes. What happens when she's governor and her notes get outdated?

Re-listening to the interview though was moderately reassuring. Her campaign is clearly not about policy but about change. Policy will come later and I guess we'll all find out what she thinks when she does it. But if she even lives up to part of what she says about cleaning up government, opening the process, and serving the people (and I am skeptical that any person can do that), I'm willing to trade a lack of specifics about policy for some major changes to the political process.

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