09 October 2006

Money and Education

One of the issues at stake in the ongoing Moore v. Alaska case is the effect of money on education. The state is trying to make one point over and over again:

“I'm one that just absolutely does not believe that more money is going to help kids achieve at higher levels. I believe it's many, many factors other than that. I think if we just look at where dollars are expended, high amounts of dollars are not equating to higher achieving kids,” said Roger Sampson (left), commissioner of education.
If money does not influence educational achievement, why has the Murkowski administration's chief education proposal this year been financial rewards for teachers and administrators who work at schools that perform well on standardized tests? And why has it continually allowed the education debate in the legislature to revolve around how much money the state gives to school districts?

Sure, I'll believe that educational reform isn't dependent solely on money, so long as the Murkowski administration starts acting like it as well.

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