29 October 2006

KTUU Debate

I just finished watching the KTUU Gubernatorial Debate and not that I care much for John Tracy's shtick but I did enjoy and thought it was well-produced, as far as these "you have one minute to explain your fiscal plan" type events go.

  • Sarah Palin's "Anchorage Daily Knowles, News" was my favorite line of the night. Was it scripted?
  • I like Andrew Halcro and I like that he says the unpopular things but I do think he could be a bit friendlier. It's fine to say he quit politics because he got tired of "working with people who couldn't tell him what day of the week it was" but I found it unnecessary when he repeated his question for Sarah Palin and said he'd "do it slower since you didn't answer it the first time."
  • Andrew's question for Sarah was what percentage of state government is taken up by the constitutional obligations she routinely points to and how much room is left to cut. When she didn't answer the question, how come he didn't have the answer ready to show her there is no room to cut?
  • I particularly liked Halcro's line that Sarah is making a big deal of wrapping herself in the constitution but she only talks about the parts she likes.
  • Tony Knowles almost won me over when asked about mistakes he's made and pointed to the crab rationalization program. He even had some genuine emotion when he spoke. I didn't understand the context of Halcro's answer and Palin's answer about her Valley bias line, while politically astute, had no depth or meaning.
  • It must have been a given beforehand that the debate would be prime time to place political advertisements. Given all the "no on 2" ads, couldn't Eric Croft et al. have scraped together a little something to put on air just this once? Also, why is a political consultant (Art Hackney) appearing in a campaign ad? Couldn't he have hired somebody to do that?
  • I found Andrew Halcro's new ad - though desperate - the funniest of his efforts so far.
9 days and counting.

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