19 September 2006

Sarah's staff

I have never met Sarah Palin (though I hope to) but I am sure she is a very nice person, who has the best interests of Alaskans at heart.

That said, why do I have so much difficulty with her staff? While trying to schedule a call-in show with her for October, I heard from at least five different staff members in the course of two days, all of whom said they really wanted to do it and would get right back to me. After not hearing anything for a week, I called back and was asked what exactly it was that I wanted again, though I had explained it in a detailed e-mail to at least three people. Then, when the person I was speaking with checked the calendar, he saw I was already on it, at a time that I had explicitly said would not work.

To make a long story short, I finally got a time set up. And I realize that bush radio stations are a dime a dozen and we may not be the highest priority. But it strikes me that when you've got a seasoned campaigner like Tony Knowles, running a slipshod campaign office is not a good strategy.

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