11 September 2006


My faith in democracy is (somewhat) restored. There are some actual races in next month's city election.

Following this evening's filing deadline, there are five candidates running for the Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors seat and several of them are even reasonably qualified and would make good members. There are two people running for a school board seat, three for a utility board seat, and three for a common council seat.

I am a little disappointed that so many incumbents are going unchallenged (most of these races are for open seats - only in the council race is there an incumbent under fire).

Issues confronting these candidates -

-the Rock Creek and Big Hurrah gold mines, particularly the permitting process, use of cyanide, and economic and environmental impacts.
-the price of fuel - what (if anything) can be done?
-budgetary principles - how do you decide where to allocate money in an era of fiscal constraints?
-what to do with all your money? (this is only for NSEDC)
-and so many more...

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