27 August 2006

Worrisome noises for Palin?

Some selections from this morning's ADN that, if I were Sarah Palin, would give me some cause for concern:

-A rather long story about the intra-party fight the Republicans appear to be engaged in. This might be a case of the media blowing something out of proportion but this could quickly become the story of the campaign, creating two races, Palin v. Knowles and Palin v. Ruedrich. If I were Palin, I'd want to talk only about the first one.

-This comment from the Alaska Ear:

In case you missed it, the governor's personal concession to Sarah Palin was truly classy, including a promise he would work hard for her election -- a vow Ear doubts Sarah would have made had the situation been reversed. Anyhow, it seemed to take Sarah by surprise. At one point, she said he was making her cry.
Now that Sarah is a statewide force for at least the next two or so months, she'll be facing increased scrutiny. Gut reactions and first impressions count for a lot and this is not a good one.

-A challenge to Sarah to re-invent herself:

Others suspect the voters' distemper was aimed primarily at Murkowski.

"I don't think that focus is going to sustain itself," said Moore. "I think it's going to gravitate to a debate on the issues."

Said Fradley: "If her big claim is 'I'm not Frank,' who cares now that Frank's gone?"

You can, of course, take issue with this analysis but it is a challenge to Palin. A reporter ends his articles with the thought he or she wants to leave with readers. These are the last paragraphs of a lengthy article.

My point is simply that on the weekend after what was really a stunning victory by a young, maverick, female candidate who ran against her party, was outspent, and running against an incumbent, the paper could have spent time acknowledging that. Instead, in at least three different places, it made comments and paid attention to issues that are going to raise substantial issues for Palin as enters the general election.

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